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“He is not 20 years old anymore — no one seems to care about him really or overall his health.” On Friday, Ross suffered a pair of seizures that forced him into the emergency room.

During the first one, he had to be resuscitated by medics.

Elise has been on my television screen and in movies for years and years and I’m just not understanding why she couldn’t call a stylist to pull the real designer dress or buy her own to wear.

I’m not trying to call her out but I am just trying to understand the logic behind her wearing a knockoff on tv?

“Right now we’re really just cool, but it would be the understatement of the year for me to say it was always just that.Blogger Tami of explains: Chile, I can’t believe my eyes this morning as I sat and watched The Real daytime talk show hosts interview actress Elise Neal.She was there along with the other ladies to promote their new reality show Hollywood Divas that airs tonight.Gary Gray, went on to say that the gestures 50 Cent bestowed upon her in that juicy magazine photo shoot 'goes down as one of the most gentlemanly gestures that has come my way, as far as a guy really trying to get to know me.'She continued, 'I've gotten to know [50 Cent] him a lot in the past three three years, and he's a wonderful person. in a full-length feature film based on turbulent life.You've got to really know him to know that, and I'll always have his back. Neal says the possibility of her playing that role remains at a standstill.

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