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Visio chat serious

Very strong feature list including: integrated project management, baselining, export/import (including export to html), documentation generation from the model, various templates (Zachman, TOGAF, etc.), IDE plugins, code generation (with IDE plugins available for Visual Studio, Eclipse & others), automation API - the list goes on.

Oh yeah, don't forget support for source control directly from inside the tool (SVN, CVS, TFS & SCC).

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This is Is it just me or is layout management in EA terrible at least with UML classes? Using default layouts puts classes all over the place.

Tool looks amazing but layout is really giving me a hard time.

Watch out for closed or product specific code generation processes or frameworks as you could end up stuck with that product.

For me it's Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems.

A very rounded UML tool for a very reasonable price.

Hopefully online modeling is going to change the way many IT people evaluate and use (UML) modeling in their day-to-day development projects. Why is this voted so high why it does not answer the question? The first line in the question says "creating UML diagrams of all flavours.".

I would vote it down, but I am weak, so I will just comment. I came in to share this one as well, realizing that it doesn't answer the question in full.

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This is a straight brain dump so a couple details may not be perfect, however, this should provide a general map to the questions and solutions to looking into.