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This is not a “smart” device with GPS tracking but offers incredibly accurate ABC data for a much lower price than a GPS watch.

It is meant for fitness tracking and navigation in the wild outdoors.

If you are on a slightly tighter budget, this is a perfect choice!

Alternatively, the more powerful Suunto Traverse Alpha also adds extra features like automatic shot marking for hunting and moon phase tracking for fishing.

You should definitely consider the Garmin Fenix 3 if you love tracking as much info as possible and like to explore the incredible features and the unbelievable amount of customizations.

One negative of the garmin is that it can often be wildly inaccurate at determining distance / pace when your run includes hills, wind, or different running paces.

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Although, even with the extra features, we simply couldn’t justify the much higher price of the Alpha model, making the standard Suunto Traverse our clear choice here!

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