Trivia dating

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Trivia dating

It's estimated that in one hour, Genghis Khan's army killed 1,748,000 people.

Each of his men was ordered to kill as many people as they could until they dropped from exhaustion, and bring the ears of the victims to the officers for proof.

When a dear friend died, he thought it was pretty strange he hadn't been called by the family to take care of the funeral arrangements. He invented the world's first automatic telephone exchange system (and the first dial phone) making it possible for people to dial numbers directly and not have to use operators.

It just so happened that the only telephone operator in Kansas City, who received and directed all the city's phone calls, was the other undertaker's wife.

Much cheaper :)In 1355, when King Pedro of Portugal was crowned, he dug up his mistress to have her properly honored as queen. William Kemmler was the first person to be executed in the electric chair in 1890, at Auburn Prison in New York. The executioner had to administer several rounds of juice while Kemmler kicked, seared, smoked, thrashed and convulsed, finally dying after 8 minutes. Both are in sealed test tubes; one is in a lab in Moscow and the other is at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Loyal subjects bowed before the decorated corpse and had to kiss her hand. An autopsy showed he literally cooked to death, from the inside out. Three separate drugs are used, starting with a barbiturate which knocks the victim out. The first drive-in mortuary was opened in Atlanta in 1968 by Hirschel Thornton. From the 1850s to the 1880s, the most common reason for death among cowboys in the American West was being dragged by a horse while their foot was still caught in the stirrups. The last reported case of smallpox in the world was in 1978 in England, when the virus accidentally escaped from a lab.

Relatives would sometimes bring a cat to the dying person, letting them pluck a hair to try their luck.

In 1799 he was deciding whether to release 1,200 Turkish prisoners of war when he coughed and said, "Ma sacré toux! He was a habitual pill-taker and drunk, and in an impaired state he put the cap in his mouth, mistaking it for another pill. Crematoria ovens heat typically to 1,100-1,300 F and will burn up a 180 lb. There's always bones and chunks left; everything is then ground up and those are the 'ashes' you get back.An autopsy revealed he had 3 massively blocked heart arteries.In ancient Japan, it was thought that somewhere on the tail of a cat there was a single hair that would restore life to a dying person.That was nice of him - most women can't even get their husbands to take them out to a simple dinner while they're alive ... It was usually a public participation sport, and it was considered bad form to hit the victim in the head. I'm told by someone who works in a Texas prison and who has witnessed this up close that the recipient is not aware that they are "dying" in any way and that, physically at least, it is a painless procedure. While the deceased rested behind a glass wall, those wanting to pay last respects could drive by without having to get out of their cars. Most smallpox photos you see showing "smallpox" these days are some horrible black pustules that are the product of the archaic mercury treatments that used to give - not the smallpox.The preferred method was to keep the victim conscious and suffering for as long as possible from internal injuries and broken bones. It's a myth that there's a "curse of King Tut's tomb" and 'most ' of the people who were present at the opening of the tomb died swift, horrible deaths.

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  2. With an estimated population of 104,600) the borough is the second largest component of the Brighton/Worthing/Littlehampton conurbation, which makes it part of the 15th most populous urban area in the United Kingdom.