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Underneath, a headline screams “Sex on Campus: She Can Play That Game Too.” The women of the University of Pennsylvania have spoken: hooking up is the new normal, and it has their enthusiastic support.

Soulless, unrelated sex-on-demand is no longer just the province of frat boys. We literally can’t sit down and have coffee,” informant “A.” tells the gullible reporter, who takes what she says as sociological fact without considering that what college students think they feel and what they really feel often have little in common. The risks and the costs of a constant diet of anomic sex are only these: not learning about love, or yourself, or about any of the things you only learn by experiencing passion, tenderness—and loss.

Young women—highly achieving, ambitious, seemingly smart and sensible ones—are enthusiastic advocates and entrepreneurs of the trend. She and her peers talk of the “low risk and low investment costs” of sleeping with men who arouse so much contempt along with prurient interest that the women never have sex in their own beds with them “so I don’t have to wash my sheets.” Is she kidding? “A” explains that she can’t have an actual romance because “I’m always busy and the people that I am interested in are always busy too.” And she wants men to do all their changing before she deigns to get involved with any of them so she won’t have to lug a relationship around as she climbs the corporate ladder in her twenties. Everybody I knew at in the Sixties at The University of Chicago—not renowned as a party school—was extremely busy.

I was majoring in Philosophical Psychology, studying ancient Greek, Russian civilization, and poetry, and my two (consecutive) boyfriends were getting Ph D’s, but we still seemed to have plenty of time to make each other happy and very unhappy. One left me under devastating circumstances; the other, whom I ultimately left, wanted to marry me. I went on to marry a far more suitable and available man whom I am still with after 33 years.

Why did you want to star in a television series at this point in your career?"I still see people on the internet saying, 'Of course Halsey says she's bisexual. "I never came out as a musician because I was already out when I started making music. " Halsey argued that bisexuality is never treated as an identity on television, but rather a 'phase' or 'rebellion' for straight characters to explore."People write bisexual characters as going through a phase or struggling with something.I wanted to honor period drama as part of the legacy of [Britain] in the arts. My father, Chips Hardy, and Steve Knight wrote this. He’s covered in marks from being in Africa that have yet to be explained. If there was a romance, how do you deal with someone who’s really damaged or sexualize him when somebody has been through the things he’s been through? It’s a drag place where Godfrey (Edward Hogg) is dressed as a woman.I had a conversation about nine years ago with my father about a character I’d really like to play. Is he suffering from post-traumatic stress and how does it manifest itself when you don’t have psychoanalysis? Delaney is approached by a total stranger who tells him his father begot a son that he raised and now he expects a financial reward. Back in the day there were bastards born all the time. When Delaney meets with the staff of the East India Company, he recognizes one of the men, who turns out to be a former intimate boarding school mate. Of all the people he meets, Godfrey and James would seem to be the hot item.

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