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Play 2 hours on karkand not updating

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Problem 4: EXTREME rubberbanding, mostly in Caspian Borders, Teheran Highway and Grand Bazhaar.what's rubberbanding? v=Xolfo1p2ba E []Solution:-Reboot your computer-Spam DEL till you open the biones panel again-Search for advanced options-CPU configuration-Look for an option named "HTT" or "Hyper Treading" or "Hyper Treading Technology" and press till it's disabled.-Save and exit I know this might look strange, but it fixed me, and 5 other friends, the rubberbanding issue.

You will still notice some rubberbanding if the server is lagging.

UPDATE: you may try to disable True Core Scalability, if it's possible to do so, and see if it changes anything.

Solution:-Press start (or the windows logo)-Type in the searchbar "cmd" without the "-Press enter-a command windows should open up.Pistol 26 - 590,000 - Squad Ammo Specialization 27 - 630,000 - Urban Camo 28 - 670,000 - MP443 SUPP.Pistol 29 - 710,000 - Squad Flak Jacket Specialization 30 - 760,000 - G18 SUPP.And you should find full instructions on how to have sound and play without feeling like Mr. Dx11Enable off2) Close it3) Rename it to No more black screen bug between not know if it works, is an old fix. (Many fixes for crashes / lockups have been found)4 - Frame Rate & Performance.5 - Punkbuster & Kick Issues.6 - Server Tweaks & Fixes for Admins.7 - November 22 Patch Issues & Fixes.___________________________________________________________________________________________________1: Network Tweaks / Connection Issues. Write: "services.msc" (without the ") then press enter.3.saw in the forum somewhereif you make for it at your own risk Stuck on Joining Server / Long map load times: Cause: Bug with x64 OSpress start write Run to: HKEY LOCAL MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Wo W6432Node/EA Games Change the GDFBinary & Install Dir paths to Cmileytongue:rogram Files (x86)Origin Games Battlefield 3*****************************************************************************************************************also found this: FYI - Possible Fix for some with 64-bit Win7 and new BF3 Patch***My brother recently downloaded the patch and he would play perfectly fine before, and now it freezes every time he tried to load a game (loading black screen) then takes him back to the battlelog. Fix Disconnections: (Disconnections immediate or every 10-20 mins)UPn P - Router:1. In the list of services, scroll down to "UPn P Device Host", click it and press "Stop service".4.

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