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Writing in her latest blog newsletter, the Canadian gynecologist revealed she once dumped a boyfriend for complaining about the smell of her genitals.

Dr Gunter has urged women not to feel ashamed and feel they have to resort to buying harmful products that create artificial odours.

You can do pelvic floor muscle exercises to strengthen the muscles in your vaginal wall.

These are carried out to improve bladder control issues and improve sexual function.

An exception is however, the very first time you have sex as this will cause a change in the size of the vagina.

The hymen – a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening – will break or tear which can sometimes lead to mild bleeding.

And 'the vaginal opening increases in size,' explained Dr Metz.

Your vagina might look wider than it did before giving birth, according to Dr Suzy Elneil, consultant in urogynaecology at University College Hospital, London.'The vagina can feel looser, softer and more "open",' she said. This is normal, and the swelling and openness should start to reduce a few days after your baby is born.Yet while your vagina may not expand forever, you may experience some soreness or small tears like paper cuts down there from intercourse.'That's a sign that the vaginal skin stretched a bit too much,' she explained.Referring to the line 'wide-set vagina' from the 2004 comedy Mean Girls, women's health expert Dr Lauren Streicher explains that it's not an actual medical term.'No gynaecologist has ever used this word,' said the Chicago-based associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynaecology.She urged women not to get anxious about the issue.'While most women worry more about the appearance of their labia, some worry that they are too loose,' she said.

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