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When it comes to movies appropriate for Halloween marathoning, my favorites aren't those that aim to generate jolts to my limbic system with in-your-face "Boo! However, these days the term "horror movie" elicits greater expectations of CGI eyeball kicks than of goosebumpy chills.

Instead I prefer the movies that subtly drill a tendril into my brain to pick the lock on those primitive fears waiting under my mind's bedframe since childhood.

And not just any bush-league demon either — we're talking a monstrous fire demon "whose legend has persisted through civilization after civilization....

Babylonian Baal, Egyptian Sethtyphon, Persian Asmodeus, Hebraich Moloch." The curse can be broken only by stealthily passing the parchment to someone else, and after Holden arrives and pokes too closely into Karswell's business, he turns out to be the latest unbeliever to whom Karswell slips the demonic death warrant.

She occupies the middle ground between Holden's obstinate skepticism and Karswell's witchcraft beliefs.

Joanna is as level-headed as any educated modern woman, but unlike Holden she's willing to acknowledge the evidence that's before her eyes.

A die-hard skeptic and debunker ("not a superstitious sucker"), his very public aim is to disprove the alleged black magic of "witch cult" leader Dr.

Julian Karswell, played with smooth affability by Niall Mac Ginnis.

Considered little more than filler during its initial distribution, in the U. Curse of the Demon was double-billed as the "B" entry with Hammer's Revenge of Frankenstein.K., Night of the Demon was paired up with Ray Harryhausen's 20 Million Miles to Earth, making another set of mismatched socks.Over the decades it has accrued an admirable level of respect among genre devotees.Karswell had passed to Harrington an ancient strip of parchment inscribed with occult runes.The runes can invoke a demon that kills any person possessing the parchment.

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