My dropbox is not updating

Posted by / 23-Sep-2017 21:51

My dropbox is not updating

I have a word document that I edit on either PC - to enable this I have the file stored in a Dropbox folder.If I right-click on the file and select "Browse on Dropbox website" I see that the latest file is correctly there.If this problem continues to persist, I would suggest that you visit the Dropbox support forum, and link to this question on superuser.

Also the Dropbox icon in my system tray also has the green tick - so Dropbox is not busy transferring some other file(s).

When on your other computer, disconnect the internet connection, and replace all the files on that computer's Dropbox with all the files on your thumbdrive.

When the transfer is complete, re-establish the internet connection.

To make sure that your files are syncing correctly, first verify that your computers are connected to the Internet and are linked to the same Dropbox account.

If you verified that your computers are online and in sync, but a file still isn't appearing where expected, then there may be an issue with the file itself.

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The problem is probably some authentication issue, like passwords or inclusion of the i Pad in your account profile.