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Leader lines excel updating

Note: The size of a font is measured in slice, the rest of the pie chart will shrink in size to accommodate the change.As a result, it may be necessary to reposition one or more of the data labels to place them fully inside their respective sections.The heading and options appearing in the pane change depending upon the area of the chart that is selected.This step will add the name of each type of cookie to the data labels along with the value hat is currently displayed.It will also ensure that the data labels are displayed inside the chart so there will be no need to display leader lines linking the label to its respective slice of the pie chart.the lemon slice out from the rest of the pie to add emphasis to it.

Rotating the chart on the X axis - spinning the chart around so the lemon slice is pointing down toward the bottom right corner of the chart - will provide plenty of space for exploding it out from the rest of the chart.

If not, just choose colors to your liking as substitutes and carry on.

How check and change the current workbook theme The steps below will create a basic pie chart - a plain, unformatted chart - that displays the four categories of data, a legend, and a default chart title.

In the following steps, if your results do not resemble those listed in the tutorial, it is quite likely that you did not have the right part of the chart selected when you added the formatting option.

The most commonly made mistake is clicking on the in the center of the chart when the intention is to select the entire chart.

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Rotating the chart on the Y axis will pull the face of the chart down so that it is easier to read the data labels on the pie slices at the top of the chart.

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