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The third floor of the village is packed with restaurants, bars and cafes; and if you get tired of those you can always go across Gongti North Road to the Sanlitun Soho, which is almost as good as the village.Other great day locations include the famous hutong (alleyway) Nanluoguxiang, although this can get crowded on sunny weekends.If you know of other great places, tell us and we’ll share with others! Romantic, intimate and classy, this is the restaurant where you can order all the good things the Italians offer: pizza, spaghetti, raviolis, lasagna, even garlic bread. So this is our list of some of our first date places in Los Angeles for the attractive men seeking women who are smart, attractive and has the whole package. Let me pause my activity with your […] Success Story Hi May, thank you so much for such a great time and for helping me make connections! I’m happily in a relationship through you and can’t be happier with Sarah Y.Men seeking women are always looking to impress them. Hopefully you’ve found this helpful and you’ll actually take a date to one of these places. If you are not sure if she wants to see you again after the first date, you don’t know unless you […] Cheap Date, Rude Texter, and Other Things Some women give men a few chances. Thanks, Erick S., 34, Engineer, Santa Monica, California I’m Not Single Anymore Thank you May and Katie for setting up Kaley and me in June of 2015.

And with new dating apps coming out like Tinder, its never been easier to meet up with someone to test the romantic waters.

These places offer a fun atmosphere that isn't too private (to keep you safe!

Men Seeking Women Dating Tips: Catch Matchmaking Los Angeles Matchmakers want to arm you with some great first date places. When going on a first date, you can easily get stumped by the various places available in the Los Angeles area.

Smart men seeking women who are hot don’t take them to somewhere low class. We are asking the men seeking women to tell us your feedback. And it gives you time to get to know your date more. Satisfy their palate with this restaurant’s amazing Korean food. Take them to the Wilshire, a romantic restaurant in the Los Angeles area. If you and your date have different tastes in wine, no problem, you can fix that with just a push of a button. Our clients have told us that this is a hip restaurant with great seafood, like crab cakes and calamari. We’ve not checked it out ourselves but feel free to report back to us! A place dimly lit by several little candles on each table, this lounge-like place sets the mood. It’s highly recommended that you go during the weekdays, because weekends get a little crowded. I Don’t Want To Lead Him On, What She Really Means There are many reasons why she might say she doesn’t want to lead you on. If a woman is busy, does she expect the man to pursue her? What are some ways to secure a date with a busy woman because […] Matchmaking Success Testimonial Yuki A.

When you are dining in a nice place with great ambiance, your date will transfer their feelings about the ambiance with whomever they are with…that can be you if you pick a great place! Once you check them out, give us your feedback and email Catch Matchmaking Los Angeles Matchmakers at [email protected] Practice your flirting, eyelash batting, and touching of the arm when making a point! The only way to a foodie’s heart is through their stomach. It’s beautifully decorated with dark wood interiors and a pretty garden in the patio. This is due to the awesome high tech wine dispensing machines. You can’t miss this place at the Grove in Los Angeles. What does it mean when you don’t text someone back in a timely manner? and I have been spending a lot of time together and decided to be exclusive. We talked about this and feel it’s the best thing for us in order to see if we’d be good boyfriend/girlfriend later.

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Outside on the ground level are lots of stores for shopping or window shopping.

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