Get dating facebook app review

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Get dating facebook app review

I failed to respond to anyone’s Charms Unlike the dude-bro fest that is Tinder or Hinge, Happn seems to have a pretty diverse selection of men, which is cool.

Most are professionals in their mid-twenties and early 30’s – and based on job titles, the vast majority are successful and educated.

Whenever you’re within 250 meters (roughly one city block) of another Happn user, they’ll appear on your app’s home screen.

Your home screen shows a chronological feed of all of the people you’ve passed -starting with the most recent first.

– but I love that it shows what company people work for by default*.

No, not because I actually care what job they have…

Assuming it would show the same 8.5 guys or so that I’d ‘cross paths with’.

To my surprise, there are actually many more people I’ve crossed paths with, and also are on Happn.

But at other times, you want a dating app that just lets you get down to the fun part of dating.About 1/4 of my matches are actually guys I’d crossed paths with multiple times.Several dozen guys have sent me Charms (since “Hearts” are kept hidden unless it’s mutual, I have no count on that).Since Happn is a relatively new app, I’d assumed that it would be a bit of a ghost town.However, there are actually a surprising number of users! I’d estimate that in the last week, I’ve had several hundred matches so far, most of which came from my very own neighborhood.

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And, of course, almost every single woman (and probably plenty of men) have either heard countless online dating horror stories from friends, or experienced pretty bad things themselves.

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