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In the early period, most of the newcomers found their economic opportunities in the lumber and mining industries, with smaller numbers in manufacturing and the building trades.

In a few places farming and fishing early became the chief occupation.

Due to the heavy migration of young people from, and the consequent low birth rate in, the Swedish districts, the number of Finland-Swedes has recently tended to decrease.

Emigration - Immigration Emigration from Finland to America was insignificant before 1880.

Silfversten has estimated that, allowing for returnees and deaths, there were not more than 38,000 of these immigrants in America in 1920.

But emigration increased after the war, and during the period 1924-1931 between six and seven thousand Swedes from Finland migrated to the United States and Canada.

In the East one of their important centers of early location was the city of New York and its environs.

It was stimulated by several factors; poverty or not enough land at home, dollar remittances by earlier emigrants, tales told in letters and by returnees of the opportunities to "make money" in America, advertisements by steamship companies, and at times also the desire of the young men to avoid military service.It is impossible to arrive at an accurate number of Finland-Swedes who have migrated to the United States and Canada.The emigrants were not classified in the official statistics prior to 1924.The majority of the men were engaged in the building trades, others in factory work.Massachusetts was another important area of early settlements in the East.

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The fact that so many of these women had worked as servants in upper class American families for some time prior to marriage was an important factor in the assimilation of the immigrants to American ways of life.