Dating a republican

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Dating a republican

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Danielle is a conservative political consultant who aides organizations in communicating their big ideas and empowering leaders.

The most difficult part is getting a Republican of any sort not to say "no," even before you ask them any question.

If somehow you can persuade them into thinking by going out with you you're bailing out her father on Wall Street, then you may get a "yes." If you're able to get an actual date, the Republican will only settle for going to an upscale establishment that only accepts credit cards with extremely high interest rates, while the Democrat will actually give you a choice in the matter and might even consider bringing a dish.

At the end of the dinner the Democrat might even offer to pay half or at least leave a decent tip.

Heaven forbid, they have a loud watch and ticking is heard, your date (probably an NRA member) will most likely be packing a weapon and your waiter will be out of a life.

I’ve always enjoyed a political season, but I’ll be so glad when this one is over.

Outside of the voting booths, Nick and I actually have a lot in common. We’re both opinionated and like intellectual challenges.

The dinner conversation with a Democrat might range from personal stories to global warming, healthcare etc.

With the Republican it is usually about how everything in the world should belong to her, while talking on her cell phone, and pointing at imperfections in your sports jacket.

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The Democrat on the other hand would be willing to go to a food coalition buffet or order takeout from Chernobyl as long as the packaging is recycled.