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Such a period some argue should take one year, others two to three.Mr Dennis Franck, director of Assemblies of God Single/Young Adult Ministries says that the ideal period should be one year.

" data-og-type="article" data-og-image="https://apis.xogrp.com/media-api/images/1ecfe744-7363-4176-985e-df545d81eecd" data-og-description="The average length of an engagement is 14.5 months—but is it okay to be engaged much longer than that? We say there's no "wrong" or "right" length of time to be engaged—everyone's relationship is different, and you and your partner have to decide what's best for you.

“I can see a woman and at that moment decide she is the one I will marry.

The rest is to wait until the right time to ask her to marry me.

Otherwise she will think you are a lunatic.” On the other hand there are people who will say that if forever is the intention, there is no need for hurrying.

Such people feel that marriage is such a weighty matter that one should be totally convinced before embarking on anything.

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It gave us time to save and plan, and instead of feeling rushed and stressed about wedding planning, we got to really take our time and enjoy it." – gmcr78"I'm excited to be married quickly but I'd love to have more time for planning and enjoying the process more." – wandajune6"From experience, I know that it sucks feeling impatient and wanting to get married sooner.

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