Autocad fields not updating

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Autocad fields not updating

Regen/Regenall/Save - does nothing BATTMAN - SYNC - does nothing Lastly, I noticed that if I use "loose" text outside the block, but still link the fields (that are inside the block) to that text, they will update when I change the text contents after regen.

Auto CAD is just having trouble using fields attributes.

I have a series of fields as a plot stamp and all but the date field will update automatically. If I highlight the date field, right click and select update, it updates fine, but not with regen, save, plot. The Date field, by design, is intended for manually updated dates only. You have the best of both worlds, a date that automatically updates when plotted, and one that you control.

If you are going to use the date as part of a plot stamp, use the Plot Date field.

On a more sophisticated level a Field can be used to tap into specific data within other Drawing Files than the current one; a type of linked extraction.

This is the realm where Fields become most valuable because it provides a tool for threading data to a linear source.

You'll need to add a custom field in the Field dialog box to match the field your office has created using the DWGProps command.

In this example, we'll be updating the Project Number field from a title block.

*NOTE* the fields are contained within a piece of MTEXT and NOT within another attribute.

In other words, consider for example, how often designers use callout bubbles to expand on information on another sheet at another scale and how often those numbers have to be correlated up until the very last day of a project.

In a perfect world all those numbers would always be correct and this is where Fields offer a glimmer of hope.

In the Add Custom Property dialog box, type a Custom property name and Value for the custom field. (to match the name in the Fields dialog box) and give it the value 2015.02 to reflect the project number of the current drawing. You'll now see an entry in the Custom Properties list that matches the custom field you've just created.

In the drawing that contains the title block Xref, type in the Command line and press Enter) for the fields to display properly.

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Updating your title block manually only takes a few minutes for each new drawing set, and is a much simpler process than working with this complex updating system.