Aswagandharishtam online dating seniordate Lemvig

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Aswagandharishtam online dating

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nasya helps to nourish the senses to eliminate excess vata from senses.

As tinnitus is a vata disorder the Vata balancing therapies and herbs are beneficial. Use hot cereals such as cream of rice or wheat or any other breakfast that is warm, milky, and sweet. This will take care of indigestion and constipation.

Vata influences the movement of thoughts, feelings, prana flows, nerve impulses, and fluids in the body. Take warm food, moderately heavy in texture, add butter and fat. Consumption of caffeine, nicotine, or cocaine can disturb the prana vayu leading to tinnitus hence avoid it.

Abhyanga :(Massage) Shiroabhyanga(head massage) and padabhyanga(Foot massage), wherein the soles of the feet are massaged with warm sesame oil, has a specific effect in calming the prana vayu.

At bedtime, warm sesame oil should be applied to the soles of the feet and also to the scalp. Karnapooran:(Ear drops)To calm the vata in the ears, ten drops of warm sesame oil is applied daily to each ear.

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Dinner should consist of more proportion of carbohydrates which also cause increase of serotonin.